Workshop: Practical issues in developmental cognitive neuroscience

Date: Thursday, November 22nd, 2018
Time: 9:00–12:30
Venue: Medley Theatre, Redmond Barry Building, The University of Melbourne


The field of Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience has taught us a great deal about the developing brain and how it relates to our cognitive development. However, there are a number of unique challenges in working with children and adolescents that need to be considered in an experimental design or analysis. This workshop will present the major conceptual and methodological challenges in working in a young population and some practical solutions, covering neuropsychological/cognitive measures and neuroimaging techniques (MRI, EEG and Brain Stimulation).


Speaker Title
Megan Spencer-Smith Issues in neuropsychology: Cognitive measures of development
Sarah Barton Issues in neuropsychology: Cognitive measures in childhood disorder
Tim Silk Preparing children for MRI, and keeping them still
Bonnie Alexander Issues in normalising to an adult template
Sila Genc The influence of puberty on the developing brain
Jarrad Lum EEG issues in infants
Peter Enticott Brain stimulation and EEG issues in children