Workshop: Connectomics

Date: Tuesday, November 20th, 2018
Time: 12:30–17:15
Venue: Medley Theatre, Redmond Barry Building, The University of Melbourne


The human brain is a complex, interconnected network. This educational workshop provides an introduction to the burgeoning field of Network Neuroscience, which uses the concepts from network science and the mathematics of graph theory to understand the structure and dynamics of interconnected neural systems. The workshop will cover fundamental concepts and practical considerations when conducting network analyses of neuroscientific data, with a principal focus on applications to human neuroimaging. It is suitable for both researchers with a background in psychological and biological sciences looking to understand the technical and conceptual foundations of the field, and for scientists with backgrounds in computational and physical sciences seeking to understand how network science can be applied to understand the brain.

Preliminary program

Time Speaker Title
12:30–13:00 Alex Fornito Building a graph
13:00–13:30 Andrew Zalesky Thresholding and statistics
13:30–14:00 James Roberts Null models
14:00–14:30 Break
14:30–15:00 Caio Seguin Communication models
15:00–15:30 Aurina Arnatkeviciute Hubs and clubs
15:30–16:00 Mac Shine Modules
16:00–16:15 Break
16:15–16:45 Mangor Pederson Multilayer networks
16:45–17:15 Marta Garrido Dynamic causal modelling